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SP@CE Uncollected Child Policy

It is the parents’ responsibility to inform SP@CE after school clubs if they will be late collecting their children. If a child is not collected at the end of a session, and the parent or carer has not notified us that they will be delayed, we will implement the following procedures:

  • After the advertised finish time of the club, the club manager will contact the parents.

  • The parent or carer will be informed that penalty fees will have to be charged.

  • If there is no response from the parent or carer, messages will be left requesting that they contact the Club immediately. The manager will then try to contact the emergency contacts listed on the child’s registration form.

  • While waiting to be collected, the child will be supervised by at least two members of colleagues.

  • When the parent or carer arrives they will be reminded that they must call the Club Manager to notify us if they are delayed, and that penalty fees will have to be charged.

Over 30 minutes late

  • If Colleagues have been unable to contact the child’s parents or carers after 30 minutes, the manager will contact the local Social Care team for advice.

  • The child will remain in the care of two of the Club’s colleagues, on the Club’s premises if possible, until collected by the parent or carer, or until placed in the care of the Social Care team.

  • If it is not possible for the child to remain at the Club’s premises, a note will be left on the door of the Club informing the child’s parent or carer where the child has been taken (e.g. into the care of a safeguarding agency) and leaving a contact number. A further message will be left on the parent or carer’s telephone explaining events.



A charge of £5 per 10 minutes will be levied for all late collections. Managers must inform their Local area manager and of the exact time the child was signed out.

Parents and carers will be reminded that if they persistently collect their child late they may lose their place at the Club.

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